CAFE & Numnu announce new partnership

CAFE and Numnu have partnered to drive the future of guest experiences and digital engagement at Canadian fairs and events, delivering best practices and new levels of value for all stakeholders. We're committed to helping fairs across Canada implement digital engagement best practices that deliver amazing guest experiences as well as new levels of business value benefiting all stakeholders.

With this partnership, every CAFE member (fair, event and service member) gets a free event listing in the Numnu app. Please send your dates, a short event description and a few photos to to ensure the listing is accurate and available as soon as possible.

Fairs are exciting consumer destinations and have historically brought the community together and led economic development in their areas.

Times, however, have changed and it has become increasingly challenging for fairs to:

  1. deliver an engaging guest experience
  2. grow traffic and sales
  3. collaborate with exhibitors and vendors
  4. collect meaningful data
  5. and provide measurable value to sponsors.

Outside of fairs, consumers are digitally-connected and use their phones to interact with the world around them - from discovering interesting local experiences, to posting reviews, to sharing on social media, to ordering food, and more - expecting convenience, speed, and value at every turn.

Numnu can help face these challenges while simultaneously engaging your consumer through their phones.

Why do it? Because fairs who engage in cross-channel digital engagement and content marketing (especially food marketing) are seeing significant revenue growth.

Delight your fairgoers. Increase your event value.

Numnu (noom-noo) turns events into connected and discoverable marketplaces, delivering a full-featured mobile-first experience that drives more engagement, traffic, and commerce to venues and participating exhibitors. Numnu provides event-goers with interactive tools at their fingertips empowering them to explore on-site vendors, food, rides, shows, offers, and more; navigate maps and schedules; share feedback and reviews; avoid lineups with mobile ordering; participate in contests; and more. Event producers provide a premier guest experience and benefit from increased high-quality engagements, traffic, customer capture, exhibitor management and collaboration tools, as well as valuable data insights and analytics before, during, and after events.

If you’re worried this will be another item on your “to-do” list, let us know. Numnu is pleased to work with you each step of the way to provide a seamless behind-the-scenes experience for your organization whether it’s run by volunteers or staff.

Please take a look here at how the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba delivered an amazing guest experience at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair last March.

For more information on the partnership, click here.


Top 10 Under 40

Darcy Benson
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Salina Janmohamed
Chantel Bourassa
Erin Dittburner


Nancy Paish
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Shannon Gillan


Mike Warkentin

Livestock Traceability Information

CAFE is working closely with industry stakeholders on livestock traceability as it pertains to fairs, exhibitions and agricultural societies. We understand that the current and proposed changes are not only potentially a financial and administrative burden to you, but also raise concerns of health and safety. As the majority of fairs, exhibitions and agricultural societies are run by or heavily rely on volunteers, these concerns become even more pressing. We want to ensure the success of your events for years to come and are working in close collaboration with the provincial associations to represent your interests.

Below you will find important documents and updates about livestock traceability as it relates to your events. NOTE: The information provided is of a federal scope. Your province may have additional rules, guidelines and information. Contact your provincial association for further information. Please review carefully.



What do I need to do this summer for livestock traceability?

There is nothing different you need to do for this summer. However, since 2000, fairs and exhibitions have been deemed responsible to ensure all animals who arrive on the grounds have approved tags. The best practice to be compliant with this is to tell all exhibitors that their animals will not be allowed on the grounds if they are not properly identified with an approved tag. You can include these in your rules and regulations and include signage on your grounds at your entrances to support this regulation.

Should I be tagging animals on my grounds?
We do not recommend you be responsible for tagging animals for liability reasons. Instead, we recommend that you do not allow animals on the grounds that are not tagged, and if a tag is removed or lost that the owner of the animal replace the tag as soon as possible.

Why did the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) email me?

As part of the proposed changes, you will need to get a premise identification number (PID), and the CCIA is building their database of PIDs. To get a PID, please contact your provincial representative.

What animals are subject to livestock traceability?

Currently, cattle, bison, sheep and pigs are subject to livestock traceability.

Where does the fair and exhibition industry stand on this?

The provinces and national organization (CAFE) have signed a position statement on livestock traceability. We are not in favour of fairs and exhibitions being responsible for tagging and reporting.

What should I do?
More information will follow on how you can support the position statement before and during the 75 day comment period.  It is important that we have a unified voice in advocating for change. At this point, you should:

  1. Amend your rules and regulations to specify that all animals arriving on your grounds require approved tags
  2. Sign up for a premise identification number and inform CCIA of this number (it will be required regardless of whether fairs and exhibitions are responsible for submitting when animals arrive on and leave the fairgrounds)
  3. Monitor your inboxes for emails from CAFE and your provincial association regarding next steps.


What is going to possibly change?

There are proposed changes that will mean your fair or exhibition will be obligated to record and submit when animals arrive on and leave your fairgrounds. As well, goats and cervids would be subject to livestock traceability regulations.

When will these changes likely happen?
We have just received notice that the earliest these changes will be discussed is Winter/Spring 2020. Which means final approval will not occur until late 2020 at the earliest. You will likely have to implement changes in 2021.

The regulations need to be published in the Canadian Gazette (Winter/Spring 2020) with a 75 day comment period. The comments are then reviewed and the final version will be published in the Canadian Gazette. Once the final version is published, the rules will be implemented.




Help us foster the next generation of leaders in the fair industry by participating in this contest!

The Canadian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions (CAFE) is a charitable organization committed to fostering excellence through innovative leadership with partners and key stakeholders, providing meaningful resources, collaborating to increase national awareness and ensuring a sustainable future for the fair and event industry. The funds from this contest will help offer an expanded training program to future leaders. For more information about CAFE click here.

Click here to purchase your tickets – Draw will be held on June 1, 2019

The prize, valued at approximately $5,000, includes:

  • Two roundtrip airfares from major airports across Canada to Calgary
  • Accommodations at a four star hotel
  • A VIP Midway Experience: Included is an “experience concierge” for three hours of guided front of the line access to Midway rides, free game play and food.

Friday, July 5

  • Calgary Stampede Parade package which includes exclusive VIP seating, a special Opening Program & spectacular Parade kick-off with VIP hosting and refreshments served throughout the Parade;
  • Calgary Stampede Gate Admission passes;
  • Door to door transportation with Calgary Stampede Courtesy Car Committee;
  • Midway Pay One Price Passes and Front of the Line Access Passes

Saturday, July 6, 2019

  • Tickets to the Calgary Stampede Evening Show which includes the GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagon races and the Bell Grandstand Show;
  • Complimentary beverage at the Grandstand Show Committee’s Green Room before being taken on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of this year’s Bell Grandstand Show;
  • Door to door transportation with Calgary Stampede Courtesy Car Committee;
  • Midway passes.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

  • Infield tickets for the Calgary Stampede Rodeo;
  • Chute tour at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo;
  • VIP passes to Nashville North;
  • Door to door transportation with Calgary Stampede Courtesy Car Committee;
  • Midway passes.

Special thanks to the Calgary Stampede and North American Midway for donating to this fundraiser.