Mark Allan

Mark Allan

Opening Keynote - 15 years of balancing vision & tradition in Regina

It is a struggle all events with a rich history face: how to maintain the vibrant history and remain loyal to what the organization is, while fostering innovative change to secure the future of the organization. Big or small, no one is immune to this juggling act and there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Mark will recount his own experience in Regina and explain the challenges, lessons learned and opportunities he discovered through his fifteen years as a leader at REAL.

Mark Allan - Former President & CEO Regina Exhibition Association Limited, Doing Business as Evraz Place

Exhibition business and infrastructure transformation


Mark is respected for helping organizations innovate, thrive and grow while also optimizing resources by engaging stakeholders and establishing a positive and enthusiastic corporate culture. Under Mark’s leadership as CEO at the Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL), the organization rejuvenated a century old, tired, run down exhibition property into an exciting and modern interconnected flexible multi-purpose sport, business and entertainment complex featuring Canada’s newest 30,000 seat CFL stadium, a six pad arena complex, indoor soccer centre, new International Trade Centre, Convention Centre and much more, making Evraz Place one of the largest multi-purpose event complexes in Canada. He simultaneously achieved a four-fold increase in revenues to $40M and $110M in funds attracted from three levels of government for new infrastructure. Finally, he was also able to overhaul the governance structure to a contemporary corporate model suitable for a commercial enterprise. Currently, Mark is President of Allan Leadership where his focus is on developing leadership, facilitating capital projects and fostering effective governance in organizations.

During Mark’s tenure, Evraz Place hosted the Junos, Canadian Country Music Awards, 2 Grey Cup Festivals, 2 Tim Hortons Briers, 2 Memorial Cup Championships and more. REAL attracted and hosted 7 stadium concerts for the first time ever in Regina – Rolling Stones (2), Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Sir Paul McCartney, Guns N Roses and Bryan Adams.

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