CAFE Awards

2016 CAFE Award Winners

Congratulations to all our award winners this year.

2016 CAFE Innovation Award

The Interior Provincial Exhibition from Armstrong, British Columbia won the 2016 CAFE Innovation Award for for their new initiative  using  a 52 person Volunteer “Compost Crew” from a local school to divert 6910 pounds of food and organic waste from their landfill. This award could be a new product, service, technology or method that provides a better or more effective result.  The innovation could  be in engineering, beautification, competitiveness, environmental programming – you name it! So make sure to enter your innovative ideas next year!

2016 CAFE Future Leaders Awards

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the CNE, three future leaders were able to attend the convention this year: Tyler McCann of Pontiac Fair, Jacob Onyshuk from Northlands and Tracy Austin, Lethbridge Exhibition. As well, Authentigate sponsored another Future Leader, Sarah Imrie from the Western Fair.

2016 Jack Libbertt Memorial Service Member of the Year Award

Each year this award recognizes the service member (that is, a concessionaire, vendor, midway provider, entertainer or other service provider) who is deemed to have made the most significant overall contribution to the industry.  Criteria involves operations/activities, use of facilities and/or equipment, overall quality of service, innovative ideas or methods, calibre of personnel, general efficiency.

This year, the award was presented to Nathan Maier of Thrillmasters and Those Little Donuts. Nathan is always there to lend a helping hand, he’s been known to have his team drop what they were doing to help a fellow fair business unload their truck after a long, hot day of driving, to get it done in a fraction of the time. He also has been working to develop a software that will allow fair service members to track their business efficiently, and with great detail, a piece of technology that could easily revolutionize the way fair businesses run their businesses.

He has been a consistent supporter of CAFE, through membership, sponsorship, and hes is a champion 50-50 ticket seller.

2016 CAFE Canadian Fair Champion

The Canadian Fair Champion Award acknowledges the individual in an organization who goes the extra mile and shows unrivalled dedication to the success of a program. This year, Tom Cameron of Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association received the award. Tom is tireless when it comes to Country Fest (the name of their fair), from building livestock pens to hauling livestock to Farmers Markets, schools and community events,  to helping to build a float, to taking requests from the many sections of the fair for his creative woodwork projects for display purposes. He takes the position of President very seriously making sure that everyone’s needs are met.  His age allows him to act as a father figure to some of our volunteers and yes – even a grandfather role to our student volunteers – as sitting and just listening is another of Tom’s attributes. Unfortunately, Tom was unable to attend the ceremony due to his deteriorating health, but the town council in Pit Meadows held a reception for him, where he was presented with his award.

2016 CAFE Roll of Honour

Winners of this award join an elite group of individuals.  The Roll of Honour was established in 1979 to recognize distinguished service by an individual or organization to the Canadian Fair and Exhibition Industry. Nominations must demonstrate how the nominated individual or organization has made significant contributions to the industry through leadership, vision, specific expertise and/or outstanding service with an impact beyond their local community. The 2016 winners are:

Joyce Trafford

Joyce has been instrumental in making the Carp Fair what it is today. Her first task in office was to connect with other local fairs, which allowed her to exchange ideas, resources, and create a larger fair family. Another key change she helped bring about included bringing in a new midway provider, which also brought in new rides and a new level of professionalism.

Noawadays, when you say you are from Carp Fair around the Ottawa Valley – people say Joyce Trafford.  The Carp Agricultural Society has been very blessed to have such an amazing ambassador for Carp and the Community.

She has helped manage all rentals on the fairgrounds. From the Carp Farmer’s Market, Quarter Horse Shows, Car n’ Shine, Weddings, Car Bingos, Euchres, you get the idea.She has been a board member on C.A.F.E. and O.A.A.S. as well as for the Ottawa Festivals board. Over 300 people went to her retirement party in the beginning of October, a testament to her contribution to the community and the positive impact she has had on those around her.

Harry Emmott

Harry Emmott is a life-long resident of Brant County. A graduate of the University of Guelph, he is a former General-Manager of the Paris Agricultural Society (Paris Fair), and partner in a family century dairy farm.  Over the years, Harry has taken an active interest in community, provincial and national organizations, serving on many Boards and in the capacity of President for numerous organizations.

Harry has dedicated his life to volunteer work in his community, his province and his country both in the agriculture & fair industries, as well as the wider political and humanitarian activities. Many of the thousands of miles travelled and many of the hours spent on these endeavours have been at his own expense.

He is a forward thinker, always trying to look outside the box to see how to accomplish the goals set before him. As anyone who knows Harry will tell you, his specific expertise is “networking”.  Although some people might describe it differently, if you look closely, this is where Harry learns “the lay of the land” and formulates ideas of how to move forward with goals and plans.  He truly has acquired a network of people across Canada and North America, many of whom have become life-long friends.